Ravenwing Bikers

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Project Info:

I believe these came with the Dark Vengeance set, which as far as I'm concerned was an amazing purchase for all the cool minis inside. When I was first starting to paint, I got a set of Space Marine bikes and just butchered them. My painting skills were subpar to begin with, but by the time I was done, I had fucking murdered those poor bikers.

So I saw this as my chance to really see how far I've come, and I'd say they're not-so-butchered this time around. One thing I do struggle with for any figures with black armor is outlining. I can never seem to get that balance of slight outline and white neon Tron. That'll be something I'll try to learn before I paint the Ravenwing Dark Talon I have in my queue.

  • Completed on: May 25, 2015
  • Initial Post: N/A
  • Category: Warhammer 40K

Paints Used:

Abaddon Black
Gorthor Brown
Nuln Oil
Screaming Skull
Seraphim Sepia
Ulthuan Grey
Ushabti Bone
White Scar

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