Karg's Lair

Karg's Lair

Project Info:

Karg's Lair was a battle map I designed for the introductory part of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign I wrote in 2015. The idea revolved around the party waking up in the room in the top-right of the map, with no recollection of how they got there. They only see a dead body in the middle and one of them (chosen at random) had a seemingly important treasure on them.

I'm not sure why I always thought starting that way seemed so interesting. I never really enjoyed the "so you all meet at the inn, what do you do?" start of campaigns. Maybe I just really enjoy a fleshed out backstory or explanation of why a party is together? Either way, that was the intention.

The enlarged version of the map was designed for use on Roll20, a platform I was experimenting with at the time. At the moment, they're still my favorite platforms for virtual D&D although I've recently seen that Wizards and Curse are teaming up to do something on a more official capacity. Hopefully that's pretty cool.

  • Completed on: January 24, 2015
  • Initial Post: N/A
  • Category: Battle Map

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