Starting Out

Starting Out

I’m not the best miniatures painter in the world by any means, but upon looking back at some of the things I’ve painted over the past decade, I realized I’ve at least gotten better. And I’m continuing to get better. The same could probably be said for the maps I make or the dioramas I build.

So what’s the point of this blog or this website? Simply put: I wish I had a reference for what I’ve put together in the past. I tend to jump from interest to interest a ton – I sometimes refer to it as voluntary ADD. I think I just find something I really want to work on or play or write or create, and obsess over it for a month or two before a new shiny project inevitably pulls me away. When I finally get back to things I’ve worked on in the past, I almost have to re-learn things I’ve already done just to get myself back up to speed. Shit, even building this WordPress template is something I’ve done in the past and had to re-figure out. So with that in mind, I don’t expect this site to be updated frequently as I get side-tracked and move from project to project,  but at least it will house most of the things I work on so I have some reference to look back on. Who knows, maybe I’ll expand it later and include all the other things I do other than painting and map-making and terrain-building. Maybe “Devlin’s Compendium” or something. 🙂

At the moment, the site is pretty barren as I get everything set up. I’m sure there’s a more efficient/automated way to put the pages together that I’m trying to set up, especially as I re-learn WordPress’s nuances, but for the time being this way will be fine. If I ever go back and change the layout, however, that could very well kill me. Maybe I should look into a more efficient method now, instead. Meh.

Anywho, this is just the beginning. I hope my future self finds this to be interesting and a worthwhile endeavor. And if anyone out there finds this and gets inspired or finds one of my methods to be helpful, that’s super cool, too.

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