Pathfinder Is Bringing Me Back

Pathfinder Is Bringing Me Back

Well, after taking a break, Pathfinder has brought this hobby back to the forefront. I was an avid D&D 3.5 player way back when, but never really tried Pathfinder. A ton of friends have been playing it recently, and that’s definitely scratched that tabletop itch I’ve had for some time. Couple that with the delivery of my Reaper Bones 4 Kickstarter package, and I’m back to full-on painting mode. As funny as it is to say, I think painting minis is very much like riding a bike. That sense that you never really forget how to do it. I started painting something out of the box and within 30 minutes I was back to remembering old techniques and the stylistic things I’d do to speed through anything I want done for tabletop-use.

I’ve started by priming a handful of heroic models that I will be using as I play (or let others borrow as they play), and really getting the hang of it again. I think the biggest concern I have is that a lot of my paint, though usable, is thinned out from when I transfered my Citadel paints to dropper bottles. When it comes to glazing, this has been fantastic. No doubt about it. But when I need a thicker amount of paint, this can be problematic. Looks like a trip to my local hobby shop is in order!

The other funny part about my renewed zeal is that I’m now also working on my D&D campaign again, and have been having a blast putting that together. For years I’ve been maintaining an offline wiki to house everything I’ve come up with, and as such have been building and coding things to make life easier. Generally I just found this easier than using many premade options, but recently I was shown the latest iteration of Realm Works and I was sold instantly. I remember when the Kickstarter for Realm Works popped up and I thought it looked great, but didn’t really seem to do everything I was hoping for. That’s totally not the case now. I’ve begun porting everything over to it, and that’s been so much fun. And come to think of it, it’s been helpful to force me to go back and add or change things as I’m copying them over.

I was also introduced to another program that thankfully stopped me from starting a side project recently in which I was going to code the exact thing it does so well. Inspiration Pad Pro is a customizable random table roller that can be as simple or complex as a DM wants. In my case, I have it randomizing things like loot or generic NPCs or simpler things like that, but I also have it randomizing events that take place in certain types of towns at certain times of day. So for someone like me who loves the idea of having tools like this to make each sandbox game session unique, this program is a godsend.

I guess for now I’ll leave it at that. A ton of painting ahead of me and a lot of maps to create and things to build, for sure.

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