Anyone have recommendations for a virtual tabletop system that can be used for larger-scale campaigns? I used Roll20 years ago and loved it for one-shots and the like, but found it difficult to organize/manage much more than that. Haven't tried any of the alternatives though.

Well this has been yet another night where creative inspiration struck around midnight and now its 3AM and I'd rather keep going than sleep.

Watching the Race to World First over the past week really made me miss raiding. My WoW addiction is already coming back in full force as-is.

So we made another silly cinematic with a bunch of extraordinary people. ENJOY! @MichaelBancroft @RoBrooks13 @ChristieGolden @ShannonDenton @ludolullabi @carolinediana @PaulMenichini @BenThompsonArt @DaveKosak https://t.co/2hV4g8tbrI

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